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Hello, and welcome to my showcase for jewelry and fiber arts.  I have made all of the pieces and many are available for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces or would like any additional information, please email me and I'll respond as soon as possible.  I can happily accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, but please don't send your account information in e-mail.  We'll do that part over the phone.

Since my last update I had a great time at the Labor of Love show in Austin, and then had a fun time with three generations of family at Disneyland.  But I'm back to work now, working on presentation/gift bags right now.

Some of my work will be at the Holly Day House show in Las Cruces, which features work of the Artists of Picacho Hills.  I will also continue to be at the Farmers & Crafts Market most Saturdays.

I had a bunch of photos ready to upload, but ran out of time before the travels started.  Watch for them to appear shortly.

I plan to include a gallery and other sections that show not-yet-finished (or not-yet-started) works.  Future expansion may include Twitter, Pinterest and Shopping Cart but at this time I don't use them.




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